Welcome to HRMIS

Distance and time is not a barrier to serve your customers This is Online Profesional Licensing Platform You are closer to your customer than ever!

HRMIS is a web-based application to capture, store, process professional licensing (from application to license generating), manage license status, archieve, generate report and manage dashboards for decision making. It is a platform independent. It is one of OHB strategies in information revolution endeavor which is one of the HSTP transformation agenda.

HRMIS has three main modules – Applicant Module, Reviewer Module and Approver Module. It also has public interfaces for license cross-checking across border.

If you are stakeholder, you can crosscheck for Professional License validity by accessing License Search box using Professional License Code (PLC) which is available on customer’s license (certificate). Otherwise, you can go to Get Started button if you have assumed privileged.